Frequency and Faculties of Sexual Hookups Among First-Semester Woman University Students


First-semester female students (N = 118) accomplished (a) reports to calculate the prevalence of erotic hookups and (b) event-level examination to describe the behaviour attributes regarding latest hookup. Hookups including dental, genital, or sodomy had been reported by 51percent before college or university, 36% in their very first term, and 60% towards the end regarding basic session. Event-level analyses uncovered that hookups had been more prone to incorporate associates (47percent) or contacts (23%) other than people (14%); alcoholic beverages need (mean female escort el paso = 3 beverages) preceded 64% of hookups. Condoms were chosen during 69% of genital gender hookups.

Common e-books, such as for instance Unhooked (Stepp, 2007) and Hooking Up (Bogle, 2008), explain a pervasive erectile a€?hookupa€?