Getting married in Austria. First of all a same-sex few will need to do was reserve a romantic date for their wedding ceremony and register their relationships on line or in-person through the local registry workplace

Because homosexual relationship in Austria is addressed the same as other nuptials, same-sex lovers must go through the same procedure of joining his or her relationships as heterosexual people. After this, the operation of engaged and getting married matches it may be for virtually every other union.

Obtaining a marriage certificate in Austria

The first thing a same-sex partners must create is make a reservation for a night out together for their wedding ceremony and register their particular matrimony online or in-person with the hometown registry workplace. Generally speaking, you need to endeavor to perform this about 6 weeks before the wedding. In addition, you need to render the essential documentation, just like passports, birth certificates, and evidence of house. Or no regarding the documents are certainly not in German, they should be coupled with proven translations by a translation services instance Lingoking.

Furthermore, the two must determine exactly what identity they're going to use bash wedding ceremony.