"the lady I find out try divorced with one boy and has now an excellent work. She will work in techie, and shea€™s 46 a€” them birthday celebration is obviously the following month.

"at this time she will pay for your condominium in bay area, that is remarkable a€” I reside in the Marina immediately a€” and a membership for my personal gymnasium. I pay money for a trainer and SoulCycle. The lease pertains to $3,000 four weeks, that is much more than I paid-in nyc. And with the exercise registration, she brings myself around $3,300 30 days. Ia€™ve been to Miami and Cancun along with her, and then we get one much more holiday organized."

How has these terms come about?

"The book was actually specifically an offer from her; she would be the initial anyone to throw that strategy available to you. I found myself discussing the biggest differences between nyc and bay area, and I also envision therea€™s a perception they have got similar housing bills, but theya€™re maybe not. SF has plenty much less catalog and much higher costs.

"Then the exercise am bull crap that changed into a thing that has grown to be consisted of. She pays me via Venmo. Though with Venmo, you'll merely manage $3,000 optimum, so she cracks it down into $2,500 and $750, or $800 listed here month."

Would you sleep together?

"Yes. The best 2 times we slept together with her, we noticed a bit various, but now we dona€™t feeling strange about it anyway."

The thing that was unusual regarding this in the beginning?

"I think it has been realizing that individuals had agreed to afford my own condominium, generally there was that basic thought about, Hey, is it really happening?