a pull queen and his awesome wife — youth sweethearts who establish as asexual

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busting stereotypes neighboring sex and gender.

Jeremiah Douberly and Meagan Douberly, both 25, inside Richmond, Virginia making use of their animal beagle. The couple, who may have identified one another as they had been 14, identity as asexual, which means they've no erotic wishes toward both or someone else — yet these people characterize their unique really love as both enchanting and platonic.

Meagan (left) and Jeremiah Douberly Barcroft Images

Jeremiah is not only asexual, the man views themselves staying agender — he or she recognizes as neither male nor feminine.

“I don’t genuinely have any recommended pronouns and I dont actually discover as mens despite the fact that I’m a mens. Recently Bisexual singles dating website I feel just like our sex is actually an event to own,” Jeremiah explained Barcroft television.

Jerimiah, a hospice nurse during the day, cracks sex norms together with his pull alter-ego JayyRuger. He also executes sporty stunts in characteristics at nearby taverns.

“I love that Jay does indeed these nuts dying drops, I do think these are generally amazing, these are generally extraordinary,” Meagan says.

Not should Meagan love the husband’s performances, she’s hot for his own ambitious and revealing halloween costumes and even their talent for makeup.