I’ve been dating a man for nearly 2 yrs now ( he now lives beside me)

formerly both of us went thru a marriage that is bad we came across each other

we were both mentally all messed up inside our previous failed marriages so of course there’s several things we gotta work on/get past etc, but I’ve shown him I’m nothing can beat their ex he had been married to , n he always says I’m the most wonderful girl for him but often he makes me feel just like my feelings don’t matter, last week a feminine buddy of his posted a sick joke on his fb page n tagged him with it and also this made me feel disrespected by their female buddy then when we told him just how it made me feel he made excuses for his friend n said perhaps my emotions had been wrong… n I’m no expert but once u love somebody aren’t u suppost to aid them? With mine after I talked to him I got ahold of his friend that I felt disrespected me n explained to her how what she did made me feel n she ended Up apologizing, n he did too but not til after I told him she apologized and admitted she crossed a line etc, weird?…N also my bf is the type of guy that has ALOT of female friends (which he knows I’m not used to being with guys that have a lot of female friends) n i haven’t met any of his female friends yet nor has he tried to set it up for me to meet any of them yet, n when I asked him to slow down on making new chick friends just til I get used to the idea (I have a previous prob with guy I’m with having female friends cuz I was cheated on a lot, so we agreed in the start of our relationship to help each other etc) he said ok he will try to do that, but he hasn’t tried at all n since then has acquired 6 or more new female friends, mean I’m not against him having friends at all but I’m helping him get thru his past issues so why isn’t he caring to follow thru with helping me?